Influence of Photography to Lifestyle

Photography has driven people to go out of their niche in order to capture things around. Photographers are called wanderers because they have to wander from places to places and took all the pictures of everything that they see. Their efforts are too much. In fact, people are very scared to to go into dangerous places. However, photographers take the risk in exchange of their life.

Because of photography and the digital age, people want to go to a place where only in photos they see. They want to experience real visit to a place where they have never seen but only in photos. Thus Photography influences tourism. Because of it, a nature or a place can be famous to the eyes of the people.

Photography influences arts too. Of course, knowing that we love arts, artist create an art modeling in photography. They imitate the subject of photos and at the same time they can be more creative.

On the contrary, Photography also can make an artwork famous, like paintings, drawings and many more. These may also influence in the creation of another artwork and that it can increase the value of an artwork.

Photography has forced people to love nature. There are so many people who did not love nature but came to become nature lover because of photography. Mindset about the nature was also changed and that there are many things to know about it. It was even regarded as the most beautiful kind of photography because nature is the most beautiful view on earth.